‘Zingiber Cassumunar’ or 'Plai Oil' is The Key to Relieving Pain and Inflammation Naturally

plai zingiber cassumunar ginger for topical rub natural pain relief oil


'Zingiber Cassumunar' or 'Plai Oil' is one of the best oils for treating aches, pains and inflammation naturally.

Zingiber Cassumunar commonly known as Plai, scientifically known as Zingiber Montanum (J.Koenig) Link ex A.Dietr., is a species of plant in the ginger family which is native to Thailand, Indonesia and India. Ihas broad ranges of analgesic and anti-inflammation properties. The entire plant can be all used such as leaf, flower, trunk and rhizome. 

Today we will be focusing on its rhizome!

plai zingiber cassumunar ginger for pain inflammationThe rhizome of variant 'Roxburgh' is used medicinally in massage (which is absolutely famous in Thai Massage known as 'Plai Oil') and even in food, somewhat resembles ginger root or galangal.

Although it is derived from the same plant family as ginger, Zingiber Cassumunar (Plai) possesses many different properties and has a more intense action. Rather than the classic warming effect of ginger, Zingiber Cassumunar (Plai) has a cooling effect on pain and inflammation, making it an excellent choice for treating injuries, muscular and joint pain and conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

plai zingiber cassumunar ginger for herbal pain relief oil

In the past, the fresh rhizome of this plant has been traditionally used as home remedy for treatment of inflammation, muscle and joint problems, menstrual disorders, abscesses, skin diseases, sprains, swelling, bruising and wound healing. 

For convenience, nowadays Zingiber Cassumunar Root has been extracted and commonly become an important active ingredient in many pain relief products as it is naturally safe, high performance and gets to the point.

plai oil zingiber cassumunar ginger for joints muscle ache sprain strain

Hence, no wonder why Herbreeze Premium Herbal Oil has chosen Zingiber Montanum Root Extract (Plai Oil) as the main ingredient, yet exclusively blends with Methyl Salicylate (Wintergreen Oil), Capsicum Frutescense Resin (Capsaicin) and other important ingredients in order to enhance its ability. 

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